In the Consciousness


A new show dealing with all of flamenco’s aspects: guitar, singing and dancing. It expresses what could be calledclassicism of the essence”.

We witness a conversation between voice, the Sonanta and dance. Flamenco shines, in a new time, exhibiting the classic tradition, protraying its real and baroque brilliance.

Here, one of popular music’s most important manifestations, Flamenco, is enriched and shaped by the inspiration of the three performers.

The imprint of their styles defines with strengh the evolutive and aesthetic process of this universal art form, a task that these contemporary artists develop from the archives. Give way to history.


1. Tangos-Tientos

2. Guajira

3. Cartagenera

4. Taranto / Levantica / Tangos

5. Solo de guitarra

6. Solo de cante

7. Soleá

National Premiere: Fundación Cajasol Sevilla, 24  de mayo 2018